Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Surfing For Two

The other day I got a the tummy time surf board we got Abby. It is the pink version of the one we got Matty when he was little. Matty saw me get it out and he ran and got his so he could surf with Abby. He was so cute showing Abby what to do when you surf!! They had a blast and let me say Matty is such a little poser!

Matty smiling for the the camera.

Abby looking at what her brother is up to.

Taking in the sun!!!!


Erin said...

Matty is very photogenic

Jackie Rama said...

I love that picture of Matty grinning! These two are going to take good care of each other growing up. they seem to be such good friends already.

Marlo said...

cute pics of the kids. so funny how Matty got his tummy surfer too. see you guys Saturday

Deon said...
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Deon said...

What cute photos!!! I love that they are on "surf boards" And the new photo of all four of you on the top is super cute it looks like Abby is so happy!! You need to post more photos of your cute kids!!! We miss you guys!