Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day Of School


Matty started Kindergarten today. I was so excited last night and he looked at me and asked me why I was so excited it's only school. This morning was a slow start he was tired and not ready to get up. Once he got a shower and got dressed he started to get excited for school. He was ready to go.Walking to school with Abby and Daddy.Matty wanted to stop and take a picture with Abby on the way to school.
Matty in front of his school.
When we got to school the teacher had a few centers set up for the kids to do while she took a picture of all the kids. Matty is writing his name and drawing a picture of him as Abby watched.
Matty after getting his name tag and his picture taken by his teacher Mrs. Downey.
Matty writing his name and something he likes that starts with the letter m.
Abby loved that Mrs. Downey had puppets to play with in the morning.
Matty sitting next to Jimmy. Matty meet Jimmy at the park during the summer. Jimmy said he remembered Matty because of his handsome hair.
Matty and Trey at the end of the day. Both still clean even though they are boys and are wearing a white shirt. I am sure this will not be the case every day for my son. Abby did well with Matty at school. When we went to pick him up she ran to him and gave him a big hug. We'll see how next week goes and she goes to preschool without Matty. Overall Matty had a great day and liked school.

Boys Against Girls Soccer Game

Matty loves to play soccer. He always talks about playing soccer. Aunt Amanda is a soccer coach and had all her stuff so the kids step up a soccer game. Matty and Kulton against Abby and Gwen. The girls put on shirts so they would know who team they were on. They had fun.
Abby and Kulton facing off.
Matty kicking the ball past Abby and defending the goal.
Abby and Gwen chasing down the ball.
Matty ready to go.
Gwen, Abby, and Kulton looking at Grandma and Grandpa instead of keeping their eyes on the ball.

The Park with Little Bryon

When we went to Fresno we were able to meet up with Little Bryon at one of the parks and play. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousin that they don't get to see that often. They rode bikes, played on the playground, and had a good time together.
Matty and Little Bryon taking a moment for a picture together.
Kulton going down a slide. He didn't care for it to much.
Abby and Little Bryon posing so I thought. Abby was posing but Little Bryon was stuck and couldn't get his legs off the slide. It was a cute picture even though he wasn't posing.
Saying Cheese.
Andy getting in one the action riding a scooter.
Testing out Little Bryon's bike and reliving his younger days.
Abby on the playground. She loves to play on any playground.
Matty scooting along on the scooter.
Little Bryon and his youngest brother Kulton. Took forever to get them both to look at the camera but we finally got it.

A Singer in training.

Abby is my ham that is not shy. Matty likes to show off but when others are around he is shy not little Abby. I was putting something away at my Mom's and I heard her singing some Hannah Montana Song upstairs. And when I went to look at why she was so loud. She had the microphone to the Karaoke machine. She was singing and dancing. She was upset that I was interrupting her jam session.

Slip and Slide at Grandma's This summer

This summer we bought a slip and slide for the kids to use at Grandma's house. We don't have a big enough yard for it and Grandma has a huge yard so they were excited to use it at Grandma's when we visited. It took a few tries but they got the hang of it really fast and loved it!!!!

Abby running half way down the slide before sliding.
Abby sliding towards the end.
Matty's turn to slide down the slide.

Gwen sliding down the slide.

Fort Tejon

One the way back to Long Beach we stopped at Fort Tejon. We didn't get to go all the way in but I wanted to stop because next year this is one of the parks they are closing due to budget cuts in California. we stopped and just looked around out side. It was getting late and I think the ranger was locking up everything up. So we told the kids next time we come this was on the Grape Vine we will stop and go explore.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Back Dating

So a long time ago I started some posts and didn't finish them. Well I finished them today. So you can scroll back and see some. It's not a lot but some.