Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

What a day!!! We had so much fun. This year we went to my Mom's to celebrate. It was hot in Fresno but not to bad since she has a pool. Andy really likes going there because she lives out in the country and we can set off our own fire works and we can be out as long as we want since there is no one around ( she lives on 20 acres). So Andy saves his pennies all year long to buy fireworks when we go there. This year Matty was really into the fireworks and he had a blast. Matty really liked being able to watch fireworks at Grandma's for 3 nights!!!! It was a fun 4th!

Andy and Matty getting out of the pool after a dip in the pool.

Even though Matty wanted to stay in the pool he got out for a little bit.

Even though Abby didn't go swiming she was all dressed up for it!

Grandpa getting the BBQ ready to put on the tri tips!

Some of our fireworks.

Gwen, Matty, and Lil' Bryon watching the firework show.

Matty and his first sprakler!!!

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Ever & Kelsey said...

Your kids are so cute! And I LOVE the picture of your family with Pluto! I'm so jealous you're close to Disneyland!