Monday, March 24, 2008

Little Guitar Player

Matty loves music and to make music. We found this little guitar and we had to have it. It was a steal at only $15. We had a very happy little boy who loves to just sit and play it and make music.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


After going to church this morning Matty came home to find his Easter Basket. He doesn't really realize who or what the Easter Bunny is but he was happy to get new cars, trucks, a soccer ball, and a little bit of candy. When he came in the door I had his basket sitting on the chair for him and he was so excited. Next year, I think I am going to do what my parents always did was put the baksets on our beds either for us right when we woke up if church was late or if church was early they would always somehow put them on our beds when we left for church or right after we got home from church. So we had them after church. It was hard to put stuff on Matty's bed this year since we are in the process of packing. Anyways. It was a warm beautiful day here and we had fun spending time together!

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's A.............................

Well today I started my non-stress test today. So after the test I get an ultrasound to check my amontic fluid. So Kathy said see would check to she if the baby would show us what it is. Kathy is the nurse that told us that Matty was a boy. So she checked today and she said that we will be having a little girl. Matty has been right all along when he said sister. So we are happy to be adding a little girl to our family.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Okay so Matty's new thing is that he want's his Dad all the time. Since the baby has really started moving and even kicked him a few times he doesn't want me he wants his Dad. Which is nice but at the same time makes me a little sad because he is my little buddy. So this weekend we went to brunch and he wanted to take a picture with me and I was so happy. Things have been going good here. I have a Doctor appt on Thursday and I hope that we find out what we are having. I am going to ask the doctor to do an ultrasound. He is pretty nice about doing them when you ask. We will see on Thursday. If not I am starting nonstress test next week and Kathy the nurse said she would look for me. All is well here. Just getting ready to move in a couple of weeks and can't wait for that to be over with.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Move Is Coming!

Andy and I have been talking about moving into something bigger for awhile now and nothing has really been right. So we decided to just wait until after the baby, and look when all everyone is moving out because school is out. My friend Azalea comes by on Tuesday and tells us hey at the complex that she works at they are running a really great speacial on 2 bedrooms. We wanted a 3 bedroom but a 2 would be ok until we get a house hopely in a year. Anyways. She told us she has a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath 2 story townhouse with a 2 car attach garage for basically what we are paying. It is about 1500 sq ft. She wanted us to come and look at it and we did. To make a long story short heavenly father answered our prayers for the space that we need. We will be moving into the townhouse at the end of the month. It is great we have a little patio and a huge balcony. Everything has happen so fast the last couple of days but everything has gone really smooth. After 5 years hear in this place we are moving to a bigger place that we need. I just feel bad that Andy is going to have to do all the work since I can't. I am sure he will get mad at me telling where everything should go though! So we will still be in Long Beach but at a new home.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

PS3 with Little Bryon

So Matty has been very lucky the last couple of weekends his cousin's have come and visited him. Gwen and Matty talk almost everyday on the phone. About what only they know. He'll hand me the phone and say Gwenie. When Little Bryon is in the Mood Matty and him talk . So this weekend my brother came and stayed with my brother and Little Bryon wanted to come and spend the night with Matty. They had the best time even though I think both didn't feel the greatest. Matty is cutting his 2 year molars and has the running nose, fever, cough, moodiness that all come with teeth cutting. But Little Bryon was here and he was having the best time. He even got up early with Little Bryon. Matty didn't sleep all that well. He had a fever on and off from his teeth. Let me rephrase that Mommy didn't sleep all that well because Matty wanted to sleep next to her all night. Anyways here are some pictures of them trying to play video games.