Friday, July 31, 2009

Look What I Found

Matty comes up running to me this moring telling me to look what he painted. I said what and he proceeded to show me Abby's face and legs and his face and legs. Then he tells me that he wanted me to take a picture of what a good job he did. It was so hard not to laugh. Who would of known that blue highlighter was so hard to get off skin. There is still some on them still! Hopely when they take a bath it will all come off. So here is some pictures of Matt's Art Work
Matty's art work on his face. He was so proud. He was told if he did art work on anything other than paper next time he would be in trouble and that our body's are not for coloring on.
Abby's face. The blue ink was actually darker than this picture shows. The flash on the camera lighten it some.

Matty's legs all decorated.

Matty and Abby's legs. Matty made Abby sit down so I could take a picture of their legs.

Another picture of Abby's face painted.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Day

Edwards has free movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer. I have been meaning to take the kids all summer but something was going on or we forgot. So today they were showing Veggie Tales A Pirate Movie. Matty loves Pirates so I knew I needed to make sure that I made it to this one. So we invited Matty's friend Mateo along and went. They had so much fun. Abby on the other had was tired towards the end and started getting a little scared to the loud sounds and dark and so I ended up standing for part of the movie at the bottom of the rows. Over all it was fun and the kids had fun. Matty standing watching the previews. It was nice that they were able to move around a little more than normal because the whole place was packed with kids doing the same thing.
Abby dancing to the song at the beginning of the movie.

Matty eating his snacks before the movie started and watching previews.

Abby wanted a drink and wanted to drink out of my cup but wouldn't take her eyes off the screen.

Matty and Mateo waiting for the movie to start. Matty was so excited. He got a poster and card game because he wore his pirate shirt to the movie.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Love Ice Cream Sandwiches

Last week while I was at the store Matty tells me that it is so hot and he needs some ice cream. So I looked at the ice cream sandwiches and they were on sale and so I thought I would get them. Matty is my little sweet tooth. He loves anything sweet especially chocolate. Abby likes ice cream but she has never had an ice cream sandwich. Let me say I think we found her new love.

Abby enjoying her ice cream sandwich!

As you can tell that she likes's all over. I think the messer they are the more they like it. She was even licking her fingers when her sandwich was all gone.

After she licked her fingers the funniest thing.......she started licking the plate clean. We just couldn't stop laughing and she kept licking that plate clean to make sure she didn't leave anything behind.

Matty enjoying his last bite of his ice cream sandwich. To me it looks like he has his hand on a bottle of coke at the same time. What a silly little boy.
Smiling when he was done and wanting more like a true sweet tooth.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Noah's Ark

Melissa Brower set up a reservation to go to the Noah's Ark exhbit at the Skirball and we were lucky enough to go. Last year I was there for a class that I took and thought that when the kids were older it would be fun bring Matty and Abby. A cool thing we learned about this Noah's Ark exhbit was that everything was made with things that we use everyday. For example the had a bear made with an old bathtub. It was really cool. The kids had a blast and we will be going back in the near future.
Abby and Matty cleaning up the fake poop yes poop. The ark had animals and they felt it was important to have this here. When we told Matty what it was he thought it was funny. Abby just liked sweeping. If only she would love it when it is her chore to do when she gets older.
This is a wooden ark for the kids to play with. It the same as a doll house but and ark instead with animals instead of dolls. Matty loved it and played for a long time here. Abby liked to climb on it.

This was a turtle that Matty really liked it was really life like.

Abby sitting on the Walrus chairs.

The beginining of the ark. Abbby was ready to move on but Matty was not.

Audrey and Matty pulling the string to open a door and letting light in the room.

Abby found the room in the ark that had all the stuffed animals and was pulling them out and bringing them to so me.

Matty loved this. You put the animals on the belt and turned the wheel to have the animals 2 x 2 go on the ark. He was alot of work but he loved it.

The beginining of the Ark.