Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Does Mom Get A Sick Day?

So Andy has been home sick the last two days. He has the flu that is going around. I find it so interesting that when Dad is sick he wants to lay in bed and not have to worry about anything. I was sitting here thinking when I am sick I don't get to lay around. Matty needs to be feed, dinner needs to be cooked, house cleaned,etc. Yes I know that right know I not having to cook and clean because of the baby but this is a short time in the long run. I guess Mom's really don't get a sick day and maybe that is why God has blessed us to be stronger.

The Love of Reading!

Since I have been home when I get a chance I been trying to do more reading. Matty has always loved books but I have noticed lately that he will get up in the rocking chair with some of his books and sit and read. It is so cute and I am glad that he likes to read(what he calls reading). When Gwen was down they both sat in the rocking chair and read. My sister said they didn't for at least an hour when I was gone getting blood work done.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aunt Amanda Came and took me to Disneyland!

My sister came for the weekend with Gwen. Matty was so excited about Gwen coming and playing with him. Today Amanda took them to Disneyland for a couple of hours and they had a blast.
Here is Matty and Gwen. One of there favorite poses with their arms around each other.

Matty and Gwen after the tea cups. I get sick on those things. So Aunt Amanda took him on the tea cups today.

Can you pull the sword out of the stone???

Matty are you the King.......

Here is Gwen with Snow White. She loves going to Disneyland just to see the Princesses. I showed her over the summer where there is always 3 princesses ready to take pictures and she wants to go there every time. It just as good as any ride.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Silly Old Boy

Ok Matty had long given up the Binky until last month. He started teething his 2 year old molars and found one and now chews on them. He thought he was being funny the other day by putting both of these in his mouth at the same time. He thought it was so funny he was laughing at himself.

Our Little Music Man

Matty Loves to play the guitar so much that when Andy tries to play Guitar Hero he can't becasue Matty is up in his lap or pulling at his clothes wanting to play. Funny thing is that he only does this to Andy. Any one else can come and play and Matty will watch or go and get his guitar and play his. He is so funny he tries to make the guitar sound when he sees it. It is so cute and makes me laugh. So Andy only get to play when Matty in asleep or gone.

Daddy getting Matty ready to play!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prince Charming

My handsome litte boy is getting so big. I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday we were just bringing him home and now he is almost 2. Here he is just before leaving for church. He's all dressed up in his new outfit that Uncle Bryon got him for christmas and he thinks he hot stuff. I would take a picture and he would want to see it and then go and pose for more!!! He is getting so big!!!

Silly Matty

After a day of tearing the house up I took out the camera and my little poser came out. He thought he was being funny making all these different funny faces. He was stiking a pose and was having a blast!

February 14th

Today I had a doctors appointment. All is good and he is happy with everything so far. I am still on bed rest but motified best rest. Meaning.....I can get up for a little bit walk around the block or maybe run to the store but nothing to long he said. He still wants be to spend most of the day down and prefers that I go out with someone and not by myself just to be on the safe side. He also gave me the slip for the diabetes test! UGH!!!!!!! I hate that test and I look at him and said since last time I had to do this test twice can I please just do the 3 hour test and get it over with. HE laughed and said that it would be fine since I probally would have to do the 3 hour test anyways. So this coming Sat I get to take my loving husband and go and take that yummy test. You know I still till this day can not drink orange soda becasue of that test!! I start my Non stress test next month. Which he decided since things were going good that I would start them next month instead of know. So that is good. It's nice to see and hear the baby ever week but it gets hard spending 1 1/2 hours at the doctors office twice a week. Especially now with Matty. So it was overall a good visit. I am happy. Valentines day was nice we stayed low key. We tend to celebrate more on the 8th on our anniversay instead of Valentines day. IT's to busy and everything is overpriced. Matty did get a monkey that sings and shakes its bum which he dances with and entertains him for hours and a parents cell phone that we had to get because he was trying to steal Gwens. So he was very happy.
It was a nice day. Andy came home early and went with us to the Doctor, listen to the baby's heart beat (still don't know the sex), and spent some time together as a family.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well I need to better at taking more pictures of Matty at home. He is so amazing. I should be taking tons since I am at home right now. So that is my newest goal to take more pictures. Matty is such a ham. He will pose for the lady at target to take his picture and even at home will do the same. I hope that will share with his new brother or sister. Hopely we will find out soon what we are having. According to Matty we are having a girl. The baby at our last ultrasound wouldn't show us. So we are still guessing and Matty is still saying girl or sister and has never changed. We will see!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Did It

Ok Ok I have been hearing about blogging for months and I have never had the time to really look into. I thought it would be fun way to share with everyone what we have been up to but really didn't know how to go about getting started. And then Deon sends me an email about her page and I ask her about it and she helps me set mine up. Andy saw one last night and said why don't we have one and now we do. It is still a work in progress and I will be adding more as I can. For those who do not know we will be adding an another addition to our family in May. I can't believe that Andy and I have been married 5 years and will soon have a 3rd child. Where does time go. I am currently on best rest with a very active 22 month old. I am blessed that he has for the most part been so good and have friends that are willing to take him outside so he is not always stuck indoors. I look forward to keeping contact with friends and getting in contact with friends we have not seen in while.