Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Surfing For Two

The other day I got a the tummy time surf board we got Abby. It is the pink version of the one we got Matty when he was little. Matty saw me get it out and he ran and got his so he could surf with Abby. He was so cute showing Abby what to do when you surf!! They had a blast and let me say Matty is such a little poser!

Matty smiling for the the camera.

Abby looking at what her brother is up to.

Taking in the sun!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday Dinner With Firends!

Tina, Melissa, Dani, Natalie and I went to CPK for dinner for my birthday. It was great to be out with the girls and catch up on things. It was strange to be there without a child also. This is the 1st time in a long time that I have gone anywhere with out a baby in tote. It was so much fun!! Thanks guys for remembering me for my birthday and taking me out I had a blast!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Clothes Optional

So this last weekend was a hot one. We all were hot. It was even hot for Andy and I and we are used to the heat since we grew up in Fresno with 110 degree weather during the summer. But on top of being hot there was no breeze and it didn't cool off at night. Poor Abby being a newborn not able to control her body temp yet. She was so hot. Thank goodness Andy had put the ac in our room and it actually cool down the whole house for the most part. Abby really appreciated the cooler temp in the house on Sat. and Sun. So when we were at home which was most of the weekend this was what she wore.....just a diaper and she was happy!

Hair Pulling

The last two days this has happened to Abby and it's just to funny. So Abby was crying and I went to see what was wrong and she had a hand full of hair. She was so upset that she grabbed her hair and was pulling it and it was making her even madder. I tried and tried to get her to let go but she was tightening her grip. I finally I had to move one finger at a time. She was so upset even after I got her hand out of her hair. I told her you are going to laugh about this when you get older and I tell you that you would pull your own hair,

New Underwear

Matty has been wanting to use the Potty lately again. Back in December is was doing really well but then all of sudden stopped so he started again this last week. He already had some underwear but I thought it would be fun to take him to the store let him pick some out. Wish me luck. I have been putting on the underwear by them self because with the pull ups he just forgets and with the underwear only he comes and tells me. Here is some of his poses.

Matty's wanted Cars first but we already had cars so he wanted Mickey Mouse!

To busy for pictures!!! Always on the run!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bee Sting

Yesterday Matty got his first bee sting. Matty and I were walking my Friend Lisa to her car when it all happen. Matty refused to put on his shoes before we left and I told him I can't carry you yet he still wouldn't put his shoes on and wanted to go. So we were almost to Lisa's car and out of no where Matty starts crying ouchy ouchy and then I saw a bee on the ground dying and look at Matty's foot and there was a stinger and so we pulled it out and Matty of course wouldn't walk. The one time I didn't bring my phone to call Andy. Lisa went ahead and went home with her little one and I tried to get Matty to walk. I am still not suppose to pick him up because of my c-section. Well I ended up picking him up and praying that I didn't hurt myself. Matty cried all the way home ouchy ouchy, He felt better but let me tell you this little 2 year old milked the bee sting for all it's. worth. A couple hours later he would be playing and see ANdy or I looking at him and he would pick up his foot and say ouchy ouchy and wanted us to hold him. Boy do they learn young!


We have been working with Matty praying before going to bed and at meals. When we were at my Mom's and when Gwen was there Gwen would say the prayer. So since we have been back Matty has wanted to say the prayer before our meals. At first he wanted me to help him but not his Dad. He would tell his Dad nononono dada ma ma help, the last couple of days he has wanted to say the prayer all by himself. He tries to say the words but they just don't come out and then he says Amen! I am sure in his mind he is saying the prayer the way he wants to and blesses the food. I know that Heavenly Father knows what he is saying and that is all that matters!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

33 Years Ago On Fathers Day

33 years ago a couple who were married almost a year earlier were wanting on the arrival of their 1st child. The soon to be Mom was waiting for her child to come and the Dad was wondering if he would be a Father by Fathers Day. To their surprise early on Father's Day this new Mom went into Labor and I was bone on June 15th 1975 on Fathers Day. So my Dad was a new Dad on Fathers Day. He called his Bishop to let them know that I was born around 8;30 that morning. Thier Ward back then celebrate the oldest, newest father, the father with the most children, the oldest grandfather, etc. My Dad's good Friend Doug Ward had had a baby in April and thought he had the newest father award in the bag until the Bishop announce the newest father award goes to Doug...........Bramwell who had a duaghter at 8:30 this morning. Doug ward was a little disappointed and that was always a joke between them how my Dad stole his award.

So every couple of years my birthday falls on Fathers Day. This year I had to share my birthday with Andy. I always joke with him that I was born before you were a father so I get the day all to myself but I am willing to share. So Andy had to share his Fathers day with me. We kept it low key. For some reason Matty would not go to self the night before and was crying for no reason and finally I got him to sleep around 3 when just before he went to sleep he woke Abby up and she was bright eyed and so Andy was up with her and finally she ate and went to sleep around 4:30. Even though we both had been up almost all night we were going to go to church at 9 am but the alarm went off and neither on of heard it and the kids were alseep and didn' t wake us up until 10:30. So we missed church. Andy and the Kids got me some new clothes that I said I needed. Tina was so sweet and brought me over some ballons, movie tickets and some yummy oreo balls. Andy wanted a new viedo game that is coming out and a Dad's day t-shirt. For the most part it was a quiet day. We enjoyed just relaxing at home.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 1 Month Birthday Abby

On Tuesday Abby turned 1 month old. I can't believe it has already been a month. She is such a calm baby. I am so blessed. Matty loves her and is always trying to help out with her and make sure that she is ok. He wants to hold her and kiss her all the time. On Wednesday we went and saw Dr. Kallah her ped. She wanted to see her and check her since this was her first visit with her. Abby now wieghs 8 lbs 9 oz. They didn't measure her length so I need to do that but at 10 days she was 20 ins. When we were at my Mom's we looked at some baby pictures of me at the same age and funny thing when I look at her it is as if I am looking in a mirror, both Matty and my niece Gwen both said of the pictures that's Abby. So as by brother Bryon said I have a mini me on my hands. I just hope she gets the same skin coloring as Matty so she doesn't have to worry about burning before tanning. Abby has been her only a month and has brought so much joy and love to our family.

Before and After

We went and spent a week in Fresno the 1st week of June. It was nice to relax, even though I had a major toothache and had to go and see a dentist in Fresno. My face was about 10 times bigger. I know that it probally wasn't that big but it was big and hurt alot. So I didn't get any pictures but when we go back I will. One major thing we did was Matty's haircut. There is a lady there we really like and she is really good but since I was in alot of pain Andy said he could do it. So while Matty was asleep he started trimming Matty's hair and it wasn't as easy as he thought. So my Mom has clippers that are super quiet and we buzzed his hair. Matty hates the clippers he always screams and cries with them at the barber. My Mom's were quieter than the barber's and didn't even wake him up.. So here is pictures of Matty before his haircut and after.

Matty at his Birthday Party with his long hair.....................

And now with short hair and a tan.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Save The Date

We will be blessing Abby on August 3rd. Everyone is welcomed to attend and it would be great to see everyone and introduce you to Abby. We will be blessing her in 10th Ward (yes the boundries changed and we are back in the 10th ward) at 9 am. More info. will come later!!!