Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bee Sting

Yesterday Matty got his first bee sting. Matty and I were walking my Friend Lisa to her car when it all happen. Matty refused to put on his shoes before we left and I told him I can't carry you yet he still wouldn't put his shoes on and wanted to go. So we were almost to Lisa's car and out of no where Matty starts crying ouchy ouchy and then I saw a bee on the ground dying and look at Matty's foot and there was a stinger and so we pulled it out and Matty of course wouldn't walk. The one time I didn't bring my phone to call Andy. Lisa went ahead and went home with her little one and I tried to get Matty to walk. I am still not suppose to pick him up because of my c-section. Well I ended up picking him up and praying that I didn't hurt myself. Matty cried all the way home ouchy ouchy, He felt better but let me tell you this little 2 year old milked the bee sting for all it's. worth. A couple hours later he would be playing and see ANdy or I looking at him and he would pick up his foot and say ouchy ouchy and wanted us to hold him. Boy do they learn young!

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Melissa said...

I hope Matty is feeling better. I would milk it for everything I could too!