Monday, June 23, 2008

Clothes Optional

So this last weekend was a hot one. We all were hot. It was even hot for Andy and I and we are used to the heat since we grew up in Fresno with 110 degree weather during the summer. But on top of being hot there was no breeze and it didn't cool off at night. Poor Abby being a newborn not able to control her body temp yet. She was so hot. Thank goodness Andy had put the ac in our room and it actually cool down the whole house for the most part. Abby really appreciated the cooler temp in the house on Sat. and Sun. So when we were at home which was most of the weekend this was what she wore.....just a diaper and she was happy!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I love the picture of Abby's chubby belly in the 2nd photo. And I second the no clothes rule!