Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning At Grandma's

This year we spent Christmas in Clovis. The kids had a blast being at Grandma's and Grandpa's

Matty opening some of his presents.

Matty and Gwen helping Abby open one of her presents.

Grandma opening a present.

Daddy helping Abby open a present.

Abby and Daddy!! Daddy doesn't like this picture of him.

Matty holding his little cousin Blake who was born a few days before Christmas.

Well we didn't get a white Christmas from snow but we did have hail.

Matty after playing outside in the mud puddles.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fun Under The Christmas Tree

Abby loves to pull the present from under the Christmas tree and play with them. Little does she know what inside them.

Matty and Abby posing in front of the Tree. They love to pose.

Matty knows that a toy or something for him is in some of these packages so he'd love for Abby to open one up for them to play with.
More posing in front of the Tree.

Abby posing in front of the Tree in her Christmas dress.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Every year our ward has a Christmas party. This year the theme was How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
The kids watching the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Matty and Mommy in front of the Christmas Tree.

Waiting to eat even though Abby has already started.

Matty and Abby posing in Santa's chair.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Matty was so excited to help decorate the Christmas tree.

This is Abby's !

Mommy and Abby hanging out watching.
Matty hanging some more.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day of spending time with family and friends. Sorry forgot to take pictures on the day of Thanksgiving (to busy cooking). The next day we went to the Fresno Temple with my parents and Jared to do some work for my Dad's side of the family and then we headed back out to my parents for some fun!!!Here I am trying to get a picture of all the cousins for my Mom. She using thier pictures as her Christmas card. They all were to busy to sit still. It took kus forever to get this one with Uncle Bryon in the picture. We eventually just took of piicture of the different sets of kids. If you notice we were missing Gwen in this one.

Grandpa and Abby hanging out will everyone was outside playin!

Posing for the camera in her super cute jacket that Uncle Mel gave Abby. The hood has little ears and is super cute.
A huge leaf fight started after I thought it would be cool to pile the leaves up and have Matty jump in them. Little did I know that this huge leaf fight would start.
Uncle Jared was climbing in the trees so Matty wanted to do the same. So Jared is helping Matty get up into the tree.

Uncle Jared in one of Grandma's trees. When we were younger he would have been in so much trouble.

Andy brought some rockets to set off. Here are all the boys waiting patiently for the rockets to be set up and waiting for blast off!

Here the boys thought it would be fun to bury Brianne in the leaves. Heaven knows what they would do if they had sand!

The Rockets are ready to be launched!

But not before a few more leaves being thrown in the air!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Disneyland Please!!!!!

Matty has been asking for a couple of weeks to go to Disneyland and with the fires Long Beach had alot of smoke and the air quality was not good so we thought lets try Disneyland. And to our surprise it was a little cloudy but the wind was blowning and kept the smoke smell away. Matty and Abby of course had a great time. And so did Andy and I. It was fun to see the thrill in their eyes.

By the end of the day the wind was dying down and the smoke was coming in so it was time to leave the happiest place on earth.

Matty getting ready for his 1st roller coaster ride. He called the roller coaster in Toon Town a train. He was excited but got a little scared during the ride.

Waiting for the roller coaster.
Matty and Mommy in Line!
Matty loves the Tea Cups and so he took his Daddy on this ride.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Abby's 6 Months Old

Ok let me ask you.....Where has the time gone. It just seems like yesterday that Abby was this little baby and we were just coming home from the hosiptal. And know she is 6 months old. When she turned 5 months Abby got her ears pierced. Which she screamed and cried in Dr. Kallah's office(her nurse pierced her ears for us). I am glad that we did it. She doesn't even play with her earrings and she won't remember the pain. At 5 1/2 months she cute her 1st tooth and is working on her 2nd tooth. At her 6 month appointment Dr. Kallah said she is doing very well. She skipped rolling over and went straight to sitting up and scooting around. Dr. Kallah said that was fine some kids skip rolling over and does it later. She found another way to get around. Abby is trying to crawl. She is getting her legs up but no crawling yet. Which is fine. I can't imagion 2 mobile kids. Abby reminds me alot of my Dad. She will smile and talk to anyone. It was funny me and my brothers used to get embrassed when my Dad would talk to totally strangers and here I am with my Daughter who I am sure will do the same thing. She is such an easy going Baby. She loves Matty they have this little bond and it is so cute. Dr. Kallah tells me this is good and they will be close because they get along so well which makes me happy. Abby is 18 lbs 8oz which the 90th percentile and 26 1/4 in long which is the 75th percentile. She is such a happy baby even when she is crying she is smiling. To funny. Abby loves eating food but she does not like peas.

Daddy with the kids!

Abby's loved the camera she just smile at the lady whenever she pointed the camera at her.

Best Buddies!!

Matty trying to feed Abby. Funny thig she would open her mouth for him every time he would give her a spoon fun of food.

Abby tring on her Christmas Dress.

Flirting with the camera

Taking Pictures in her outfit Uncle Mel got her.

She was smiling in every picture. It was hard to chose the pictures whe liked the best.