Thursday, June 12, 2008

Before and After

We went and spent a week in Fresno the 1st week of June. It was nice to relax, even though I had a major toothache and had to go and see a dentist in Fresno. My face was about 10 times bigger. I know that it probally wasn't that big but it was big and hurt alot. So I didn't get any pictures but when we go back I will. One major thing we did was Matty's haircut. There is a lady there we really like and she is really good but since I was in alot of pain Andy said he could do it. So while Matty was asleep he started trimming Matty's hair and it wasn't as easy as he thought. So my Mom has clippers that are super quiet and we buzzed his hair. Matty hates the clippers he always screams and cries with them at the barber. My Mom's were quieter than the barber's and didn't even wake him up.. So here is pictures of Matty before his haircut and after.

Matty at his Birthday Party with his long hair.....................

And now with short hair and a tan.


Melissa said...

Matty looks so cute with his buzzed head. It's going to take some getting used to!

Deon said...

I like the buzzed look on Matty!! I can't belive how big he is!!!