Sunday, June 15, 2008

33 Years Ago On Fathers Day

33 years ago a couple who were married almost a year earlier were wanting on the arrival of their 1st child. The soon to be Mom was waiting for her child to come and the Dad was wondering if he would be a Father by Fathers Day. To their surprise early on Father's Day this new Mom went into Labor and I was bone on June 15th 1975 on Fathers Day. So my Dad was a new Dad on Fathers Day. He called his Bishop to let them know that I was born around 8;30 that morning. Thier Ward back then celebrate the oldest, newest father, the father with the most children, the oldest grandfather, etc. My Dad's good Friend Doug Ward had had a baby in April and thought he had the newest father award in the bag until the Bishop announce the newest father award goes to Doug...........Bramwell who had a duaghter at 8:30 this morning. Doug ward was a little disappointed and that was always a joke between them how my Dad stole his award.

So every couple of years my birthday falls on Fathers Day. This year I had to share my birthday with Andy. I always joke with him that I was born before you were a father so I get the day all to myself but I am willing to share. So Andy had to share his Fathers day with me. We kept it low key. For some reason Matty would not go to self the night before and was crying for no reason and finally I got him to sleep around 3 when just before he went to sleep he woke Abby up and she was bright eyed and so Andy was up with her and finally she ate and went to sleep around 4:30. Even though we both had been up almost all night we were going to go to church at 9 am but the alarm went off and neither on of heard it and the kids were alseep and didn' t wake us up until 10:30. So we missed church. Andy and the Kids got me some new clothes that I said I needed. Tina was so sweet and brought me over some ballons, movie tickets and some yummy oreo balls. Andy wanted a new viedo game that is coming out and a Dad's day t-shirt. For the most part it was a quiet day. We enjoyed just relaxing at home.


Deon said...

HAPPY LATE birthday! That was really nice of you to share your special day with Andy ;)

Marlo said...

Happy Birthday Kelly. Glad you had a relaxing day. and Happy Father's day to Andy!!

Melissa said...

You are too nice to share your day with Andy!! Happy Belated Birthday! When are we getting everyone together for a girl's night out to celebrate?

PS - I love the story about the day you were born. Priceless!

Jackie Rama said...

Happy Birhtday!!!! Sorry this is late, but I hope you had a wonderful day. Just remember--you don't get older; you get BETTER!!!

The Masked Blogger! said...

HI Kelly-- Oh my husband can so relate on the sharing the day. His B-Day is May 9 and every once in awhile it falls on Mother's Day-- I do not make him share, since he said growing up it was always a bummer for him because his Mom celebrated Mother's Day to the hilt and he felt slighted. However, he was not born on Mother's Day! You have him there!

Any way, wanted to comment because I thought your story about your birthday was prettty funny!