Friday, July 31, 2009

Look What I Found

Matty comes up running to me this moring telling me to look what he painted. I said what and he proceeded to show me Abby's face and legs and his face and legs. Then he tells me that he wanted me to take a picture of what a good job he did. It was so hard not to laugh. Who would of known that blue highlighter was so hard to get off skin. There is still some on them still! Hopely when they take a bath it will all come off. So here is some pictures of Matt's Art Work
Matty's art work on his face. He was so proud. He was told if he did art work on anything other than paper next time he would be in trouble and that our body's are not for coloring on.
Abby's face. The blue ink was actually darker than this picture shows. The flash on the camera lighten it some.

Matty's legs all decorated.

Matty and Abby's legs. Matty made Abby sit down so I could take a picture of their legs.

Another picture of Abby's face painted.

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