Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Day

Edwards has free movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer. I have been meaning to take the kids all summer but something was going on or we forgot. So today they were showing Veggie Tales A Pirate Movie. Matty loves Pirates so I knew I needed to make sure that I made it to this one. So we invited Matty's friend Mateo along and went. They had so much fun. Abby on the other had was tired towards the end and started getting a little scared to the loud sounds and dark and so I ended up standing for part of the movie at the bottom of the rows. Over all it was fun and the kids had fun. Matty standing watching the previews. It was nice that they were able to move around a little more than normal because the whole place was packed with kids doing the same thing.
Abby dancing to the song at the beginning of the movie.

Matty eating his snacks before the movie started and watching previews.

Abby wanted a drink and wanted to drink out of my cup but wouldn't take her eyes off the screen.

Matty and Mateo waiting for the movie to start. Matty was so excited. He got a poster and card game because he wore his pirate shirt to the movie.

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