Thursday, July 16, 2009

Noah's Ark

Melissa Brower set up a reservation to go to the Noah's Ark exhbit at the Skirball and we were lucky enough to go. Last year I was there for a class that I took and thought that when the kids were older it would be fun bring Matty and Abby. A cool thing we learned about this Noah's Ark exhbit was that everything was made with things that we use everyday. For example the had a bear made with an old bathtub. It was really cool. The kids had a blast and we will be going back in the near future.
Abby and Matty cleaning up the fake poop yes poop. The ark had animals and they felt it was important to have this here. When we told Matty what it was he thought it was funny. Abby just liked sweeping. If only she would love it when it is her chore to do when she gets older.
This is a wooden ark for the kids to play with. It the same as a doll house but and ark instead with animals instead of dolls. Matty loved it and played for a long time here. Abby liked to climb on it.

This was a turtle that Matty really liked it was really life like.

Abby sitting on the Walrus chairs.

The beginining of the ark. Abbby was ready to move on but Matty was not.

Audrey and Matty pulling the string to open a door and letting light in the room.

Abby found the room in the ark that had all the stuffed animals and was pulling them out and bringing them to so me.

Matty loved this. You put the animals on the belt and turned the wheel to have the animals 2 x 2 go on the ark. He was alot of work but he loved it.

The beginining of the Ark.

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