Thursday, November 19, 2009


These two were born 5 1/2 years ago. They were 7 days apart and Gwen is still here with us while Drew's time was short but is waiting for us on the other side. Well Gwen is now in Kindergarten and is doing so well. I was talking to my sister yesterday and she was telling me about Gwen's parent teacher conference. One thing really stuck out to me. Last year Gwen had a friend Andrew who was Autistic and she was very protective of him. She helped him and didn't let anyone make fun of him and helped him with whatever he needed. So this year she has another little boy in her class with special needs. She is the same way. She makes sure no one makes fun of him and takes care of him. If he needs his shoes tied she ties then, helps him with his snack. Her teacher is so proud of her because so many are mean or tattle on him and don't help him. They just don't understand. I think Gwen has some help from her little cousin on the other side. With Drew we didn't know if he was or wasn't going to have any lasting effects from being born at 23 weeks he didn't have a brain bleed but there was still a chance he could have had special needs. I know that Gwen would have taken care of Drew just like she does her little friends at school What a special little girl she is. I am so proud of her to have those qualities at such a young age. She truly is special and I truly love her.


Marlo said...

What a sweet post for little gwenie!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

How sweet is she?!! I know she holds a special place in your heart just as Drew does!!