Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well I need to better at taking more pictures of Matty at home. He is so amazing. I should be taking tons since I am at home right now. So that is my newest goal to take more pictures. Matty is such a ham. He will pose for the lady at target to take his picture and even at home will do the same. I hope that will share with his new brother or sister. Hopely we will find out soon what we are having. According to Matty we are having a girl. The baby at our last ultrasound wouldn't show us. So we are still guessing and Matty is still saying girl or sister and has never changed. We will see!!!


Bramwell07 said...

he is probley saying Uncle Bryon

Deon said...

That is a really cute photo of your two men. Where you able to find out what you are having? Your kids are just like mine and make you wait. Did the doc take you off of bed rest? HAPPY VALENTINES!!!