Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Love of Reading!

Since I have been home when I get a chance I been trying to do more reading. Matty has always loved books but I have noticed lately that he will get up in the rocking chair with some of his books and sit and read. It is so cute and I am glad that he likes to read(what he calls reading). When Gwen was down they both sat in the rocking chair and read. My sister said they didn't for at least an hour when I was gone getting blood work done.

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Melissa said...

Audrey LOVES to read too. She has an incredible attention span when it comes to her books. We probably read almost 30 min each day already. If she is fussing you can totally recite her books and she calms down right away. It is amazing how much she loves her books already and it is so good for them! I love it.