Sunday, February 17, 2008

February 14th

Today I had a doctors appointment. All is good and he is happy with everything so far. I am still on bed rest but motified best rest. Meaning.....I can get up for a little bit walk around the block or maybe run to the store but nothing to long he said. He still wants be to spend most of the day down and prefers that I go out with someone and not by myself just to be on the safe side. He also gave me the slip for the diabetes test! UGH!!!!!!! I hate that test and I look at him and said since last time I had to do this test twice can I please just do the 3 hour test and get it over with. HE laughed and said that it would be fine since I probally would have to do the 3 hour test anyways. So this coming Sat I get to take my loving husband and go and take that yummy test. You know I still till this day can not drink orange soda becasue of that test!! I start my Non stress test next month. Which he decided since things were going good that I would start them next month instead of know. So that is good. It's nice to see and hear the baby ever week but it gets hard spending 1 1/2 hours at the doctors office twice a week. Especially now with Matty. So it was overall a good visit. I am happy. Valentines day was nice we stayed low key. We tend to celebrate more on the 8th on our anniversay instead of Valentines day. IT's to busy and everything is overpriced. Matty did get a monkey that sings and shakes its bum which he dances with and entertains him for hours and a parents cell phone that we had to get because he was trying to steal Gwens. So he was very happy.
It was a nice day. Andy came home early and went with us to the Doctor, listen to the baby's heart beat (still don't know the sex), and spent some time together as a family.


Erin said...

Oh man I was on bedrest and had to go twice a week to the doctors when I was pregnant with Natalie and I seriously can't imagine doing all that with a toddler!

Melissa said...

If you ever need someone to go out with know my number! I'm so happy you can get up and move around - even if it is just for a little bit!