Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gwen's Visit

Ever year since Gwen since she was 1 has come and spent at least a week with us. She is always excited to come and when summer gets closer she is asking when does she get to come. Matty loves having her come over to play with him. You would think they are brother and sister by the way they love each other one minute and then fighting the next. They had a blast together this last week and half that she spent with us. We always love to have Gwen come and vist. Her aree some pictures of our time together.

Gwen and Matty at one of parks!!

Gwen taught Matty how to go up the ladder at the park.

Gwen after winning the race against Matty and Andy.

Monet and Gwen. Best Buds!! It going to be awhile before they get to see each other again. Monet and her family are moving to Maryland.

Me, Matty, and Gwen on the Tram ride into Disneyland.

Gwen, Matty, and Andy on the rocket ride at Disneyland.

Matty and Gwen outside of Flicks Fun Fair being silly.

Best Friends!! Waiting in line for Gwen to see all the Princesses.

Gwen and the Fairy God Mother. Funny thing. Gwen bought a autograph book that you put your pictures in. Well Gwen thought she was suppose to write on the pages that go next to the pictures. The Fairy God Mother was so good she said that Gwen was helping her draw the pumpkin carriage for Cinderella and drew one for her and signed the book. Ariel told her she knew she was Gwens favorite from all the waves she drew for her.

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Deon said...

That is too cute!! We miss Disneyland!! It will be fun to take the kids when Blake is a little older