Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Beach Day With Friends

Every Monday during the summer of group of Mom's sometimes Dad's meet at Bay and splash and play in the water and sun. It was sad to realize that this was going to be the last one before school started and summer was almost over. The kids loved going to the beach and playing with their friends. They would always remind me that it was Monday and it was beach day. We look forward to next summer for Beach Days to start again.
Anne telling me not to take her picture. This is just for you Anne.
Abby loves building sand castles. Many times this summer this is all she did at the beach.
Matty loves ships and a little boy brought one and let him play with it. He was in heaven.
Abby running and playing with Corine with the boogie board.
Matty and Will building a sand castle ride on the edge of the water. They worked on this for a long time.
Stopping for a picture while working on their sand castle.
Deborah always was such a good sport and would have a water fight with all the kids. All the kids against her. She was always drenched.
Abby was always in the middle of the water fight. She giggled the whole time.
This is towards the towards the end of the water fight and you can see Abby is still there with her bucket full of water.

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