Friday, August 26, 2011

Splashing Away

We are so lucky to live by the beach and when we can't get to the beach we are extra lucky to have a pool right in front of our house. If Matty and Abby could they would spend their life in the pool. They love to swim and play in the pool. There are many times there are tears because they don't want to get out. Even though they have been in for over 3 hours. Daddy has been working on swimming without floaties with both kids. We planned on putting them in swim lessons but before we knew it the summer has come and gone. They both are doing very well with Daddy teaching them. We are going to enroll them in official lessons later this year. Matty loves to jump in and try to get toys from the bottom of the pool and making big splashes. Abby just loves to be in the water. I have 2 water bugs and they have always been that way.

Daddy Matty in the pool.
One of the first times Abby trying to swim without floaties. She was not to happy with the idea at first. Now she loves it.
Matty and Abby swimming away int he pool.

First the jump and then the splash. Matty loves jumping in and making waves as he says. Abby seems to always be around him when he does this. Both of the kids love swimming. It is so funny when there are other people in the pool Abby will tell them from our window that that's her pool and not to mess it up. Funny little girl.

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