Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun At The Park

Matty and Abby love to go the park. Any park is fun for them. Matty likes to go to and make new friends. When we pull up he tells we were are all the kids so I can play with them. I try and take them to the park a couple times a week since we only have a small backyard and they love it so much. At this trip to the park Matty made some friends that were his age and they decided to dig a hole. He told a little boy that came up they were digging a hole to the North Pole so they can go and visit Santa and asked if he wanted to help. They dug a pretty deep whole. When Matty stood in it was up to his waist. Abby loves to play on the slides and if there is swings it's over. Abby loves the swings so much that she want's me to stand and push her the whole time. We are so lucky to have some many parks that are near us to play at.

Abby loves to climb to the top, though sometimes she gets to the top and wants me to come and save her because she's scared.

Matty hiding from Abby.

Abby sliding down the tallest slide at the park.

Matty working on digging his hole to
visit Santa Claus.

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