Saturday, March 26, 2011


My brother was getting married in Pismo and it was at a little inn and we thought we might not be able to take the kids so.... We asked Jessi if she wanted to go to Pismo and watch the kids and then have some fun hanging out. We then asked Melissa and Tony if they wanted to go and a fun filled weekend we planned. Good thing Jessi came to watch the kids because the morning my brother got married it was raining and so it was good for them to stay at the hotel and have fun with Jessi. We took the Johnson's to our favorite and the best clam chowder place Splash Cafe on Friday with my parents. After the wedding on Saturday we headed over to Morro Bay. As we were walking we found a Pillow Pet Store and Jessi(who is 17) and Abby were in heaven. We ate a yummy dinner at Dockside. We hung out in around Pismo all weekend and it was a nice and relaxing weekend(even though it rained almost all day Saturday). As we were driving back Sunday Abby and Matty wanted to know when are we going to Pismo again. Andy and I love Pismo we went there alot when we lived in Fresno. So we told the kids that we would come back soon. It was a fun filled weekend.

Jessi and Abby walking on the pier.
Abby with Mommy and Daddy on the pier. Matty was off with Grandma and Grandpa exploring downtown Pismo with them while we walked out to the end of the pier.

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