Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Douglas Matthew Gomez

So the story began 4 years ago. After months of struggling with inferitlity and wanting so much to have you we were blessed with Matty in our life. On April 20, 2006 I went to visit my doctor. I was over a week overdue. Yes overdue! We were so surprised becasue the doctor thought you would have come at least 2 weeks earlier yet you were happy where you were. After the doctor appointment he gave me a slip to come and be induced early that morning. I was so excited you were finally going to come. After months of trying to concieve and then months of bed rest it was time to meet you. I went to my non stress test and the nurse and the doctor didn't like that you were to comfortable so they decided to it was time for you to come. The Doctor said I'll see you tomorrow you should have him in a few hours. Well I called your Dad and he meet us at the hosiptal. And we were getting nervous because we knew you would be here soon. Well that wasn't the case. Instead of being face down you were face up and you did not want to drop down. So after much drama and the doctor said around midnight that it was time to have a C-section. So off we went and at 1:53 am you were born and we could not be happier. The same doctor who deliver your brother Drew deliver you Dr. Smith. Also you were born 1 hour after your brother time he was born at 12:53 am. It was a funny little thing we noticed. I can't believe that 4 fun filled years have gone by and you have been Mommies little boy. You have always been a great big brother to Abby even though at 2 you had to share your Mommy and Daddy with her. You have always been my easy going boy. You always make us laugh especially when you tell us your not Matty your Douglas. Grandpa always smiles when you say that. You will always be Matty to us. We love you so much and are grateful everyday that you are a part of our family!! Happy Birthday Matty we love you.

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