Sunday, August 17, 2008

Funny Little Man!

Matty cracks me up everyday. He is such a little clown. Lately he has been sneaking up and stealing Abby's binky. I thought you crazy kid why are you doing this. And then I saw he is cutting his last 2 year old molar. It is to funny because he thinks I don't see him and he will come over by me and take it and run. He also lately has been trying his hardest not to take naps. So he will keep moving but when he finally gets still you see his eyes start to fall and he can't keep them open. There are many times he is laughing at himself trying to keep his eyes open as he falls asleep.

Here is Matty with the Binky he stole and sitting in the Bumbo chair. Both are Abby's and he is not suppose to be in the chair or have the Binky.

Matty thought he could stay awake by playing video games with his Dad. As you can tell he couldn't make it to the end of the game!!!

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jonesfamily said...

Those pictures are CLASSICS!