Sunday, August 17, 2008

Disneyland in August

This month has been pretty low key. My nephew Bryon came down with his Mom and brother to go to Disneyland. So we went and meet up with them to visit Bryon and enjoy Disneyland. Here are some pictures from our fun days at Disneyland!!!

Matty, Andy, and Dale. If you notice Matty is looks like he is ducking he does this by all the charcters when he is right next to them. Put him on the other side he is just fine. So we have lots of pictures with him like this.
Matty with Chip. I was able to get one picture of him not ducking.

Lil Bryon and Goofy!

Minne, Matty, and Me. Matty has no problem with Minnie as long as I am between him and Minnie.

Abby was eating and Minnie saw her and went right over to her. We had to prop up the bottle because Abby wanted to see Minnie but didn't want to stop eating.

Bryon, Andy and Matty on the caterpillar ride in CA Adventures. Matty loved the ride but it was a little slow for Bryon.

Abby smiling for her Daddy.

Abby getting kisses from Daddy!

Matty playing shy! He was really tired at this point. He had no nap and didn't want to take any pictures.

Everyone watching the Pixar parade.

Me and Abby. This was the first time we turned Abby around in the carrier. She is still a little short for it but loved looking forward and seeing all that was around in front of her.

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Marlo said...

Looks like fun times at Disneyland... and the pictures of Matty with abbey's binky, I know that is what Kaden will be doing if the new baby has a pacifer. matty reminds me of Easton (laughing while falling asleep) too funny... we have lots of video of Easton like that, or falling asleep in the strangest positions or places.