Sunday, March 2, 2008

PS3 with Little Bryon

So Matty has been very lucky the last couple of weekends his cousin's have come and visited him. Gwen and Matty talk almost everyday on the phone. About what only they know. He'll hand me the phone and say Gwenie. When Little Bryon is in the Mood Matty and him talk . So this weekend my brother came and stayed with my brother and Little Bryon wanted to come and spend the night with Matty. They had the best time even though I think both didn't feel the greatest. Matty is cutting his 2 year molars and has the running nose, fever, cough, moodiness that all come with teeth cutting. But Little Bryon was here and he was having the best time. He even got up early with Little Bryon. Matty didn't sleep all that well. He had a fever on and off from his teeth. Let me rephrase that Mommy didn't sleep all that well because Matty wanted to sleep next to her all night. Anyways here are some pictures of them trying to play video games.

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