Sunday, March 23, 2008


After going to church this morning Matty came home to find his Easter Basket. He doesn't really realize who or what the Easter Bunny is but he was happy to get new cars, trucks, a soccer ball, and a little bit of candy. When he came in the door I had his basket sitting on the chair for him and he was so excited. Next year, I think I am going to do what my parents always did was put the baksets on our beds either for us right when we woke up if church was late or if church was early they would always somehow put them on our beds when we left for church or right after we got home from church. So we had them after church. It was hard to put stuff on Matty's bed this year since we are in the process of packing. Anyways. It was a warm beautiful day here and we had fun spending time together!

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Deon said...

Isn't Easter fun when they understand more!! Looks like Matty was really wanting his basket and not wanting to have his photo taken.