Monday, March 10, 2008

Okay so Matty's new thing is that he want's his Dad all the time. Since the baby has really started moving and even kicked him a few times he doesn't want me he wants his Dad. Which is nice but at the same time makes me a little sad because he is my little buddy. So this weekend we went to brunch and he wanted to take a picture with me and I was so happy. Things have been going good here. I have a Doctor appt on Thursday and I hope that we find out what we are having. I am going to ask the doctor to do an ultrasound. He is pretty nice about doing them when you ask. We will see on Thursday. If not I am starting nonstress test next week and Kathy the nurse said she would look for me. All is well here. Just getting ready to move in a couple of weeks and can't wait for that to be over with.


Ever & Kelsey said...

Hey guys! It was so good to hear from you! Seeing the picture of your sweet little baby brought tears to my eyes. It was so special for us to be able to see him. I truly think about that often.
Your little boy is beautiful and we can't wait to hear what your next one will be! They're such blessings in our lives!

Deon said...

What a nice photo of the two of you! I still can't believe how big he is!

Melissa said...

You'd better be sure to let me know what you are having when you find out! I hope this baby cooperates for you!! It is so fun to get ready for it ahead of time. Call me if you need help packing!