Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ok I have been meaning to put up some pictures of Abby but it's been a little crazy around here. My Mom and niece came down for the week to help out which was great. Gwen and Matty had a blast together! So here are some of the pictures I took this week.

First pictures with Abby.

Mommy and Abby

Matty Holding Abby for the 1st time. He kept saying this is my sister!!!

Mommy and Abby waiting for Daddy to come and pick us up!!

Abby 1 week old.


Deon said...

What a little doll! You will have to keep posting more photos of her!!!

jonesfamily said...

Glad to see pics! What a cutie!

Natalie said...

Such a cute baby! I can't believe all the hair.

Melissa said...

I can't believe how tiny, tiny she looks in all the pictures! They grow up so quickly - so enjoy this time!!