Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day of spending time with family and friends. Sorry forgot to take pictures on the day of Thanksgiving (to busy cooking). The next day we went to the Fresno Temple with my parents and Jared to do some work for my Dad's side of the family and then we headed back out to my parents for some fun!!!Here I am trying to get a picture of all the cousins for my Mom. She using thier pictures as her Christmas card. They all were to busy to sit still. It took kus forever to get this one with Uncle Bryon in the picture. We eventually just took of piicture of the different sets of kids. If you notice we were missing Gwen in this one.

Grandpa and Abby hanging out will everyone was outside playin!

Posing for the camera in her super cute jacket that Uncle Mel gave Abby. The hood has little ears and is super cute.
A huge leaf fight started after I thought it would be cool to pile the leaves up and have Matty jump in them. Little did I know that this huge leaf fight would start.
Uncle Jared was climbing in the trees so Matty wanted to do the same. So Jared is helping Matty get up into the tree.

Uncle Jared in one of Grandma's trees. When we were younger he would have been in so much trouble.

Andy brought some rockets to set off. Here are all the boys waiting patiently for the rockets to be set up and waiting for blast off!

Here the boys thought it would be fun to bury Brianne in the leaves. Heaven knows what they would do if they had sand!

The Rockets are ready to be launched!

But not before a few more leaves being thrown in the air!

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