Saturday, October 4, 2008

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is one of my all time favorite places. Not only did I go to UCSB it is just a calm and relaxing place to be. Andy's best friend Mel is living there while he is stationed at UCSB for the Army. So not only do we get to go to my favorite place but we also get to spend time with Mel. So last night we decided to pack the kids up and and go visit Mel and take the kids to SB for the first time. We had such a great time there. Matty and Abby loved spending time with Uncle Mel. Matty had Mel running all over the place. He even got Uncle Mel to take him down to the water. And when they both came back they were wet. Matty wanted to go into the water. Thanks Mel for letting up stay with you and seeing the sights.
Andy and Abby on the peir watching the sea gulls and ships.
Matty pointing to the sea gulls who wanted his food.

Abby is always smiling. She such a ham for the camera!

Matty got Mel to put him on his shoulders and was telling him to go go go Uncle Mel!!!
Mel was running all over with him. Matty had a blast!

A cute picture of Matty and Mel on the pier with mountains in the background.

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